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Jobs in USA for foreigners | 5 Visa sponsorship jobs

There are many jobs in USA for foreigners. But as a new one, it seems a challenge for you to find out the USA’s suitable positions. If you do not have a work visa, it is tough for you to get a job there. At first, you have to find out a sponsor for the visa. Then, you can go to the US and start your career. You can also search for the job on Indeed and LinkedIn. You can consider these two sites as the king of job searching in the USA. If you dream of going to the US and start to live there, you can fulfil your dream. You need a little more effort because the immigration policies of this country are relatively strict. So, try a job from your country, and when you get the job offer, your employer can help you file a petition to sponsor the visa application with your US Citizenship and Immigration Services.

How to get a job in the USA – 5 easiest way

To get a job in the USA, you need the right way to try. However, I am going to provide you some useful information and the easiest way to get a job in the USA. In few days ago We also published DV lottery Updates News for my Audience.

USA sponsor job

Find out the right sponsor.

Typically, to come to the US, you need a job offer. You can search for jobs in the USA from your country. If you get an offer from an employer, you may win half of the battle. Then you need a visa to go to the country to start the job. But small companies do not hire international employees frequently. But you can try some tricks. You can offer the employer to file a petition so that you can go to America. It would be best if you pointed to the instructions as well as the forms on the USCIS website. Then provide the employer with your passport and citizenship status information.

Creating a US-style resume

You need to get a US-style resume with a cover letter to get a job in the USA as a foreigner. It helps your employer understand that you have researched how you can get a job in America. In your resume and cover letter, you should provide specific facts and your educational accomplishments. Besides, you should add the work experiences that are relevant to the job you are applying for. Try to write in simple fonts and use simple formatting. Add your proficiency in the English language.

You should read through the job listing carefully and find out the specific skills you have added to the resume. You should remove the skills that are not related to a particular job. You should think that your cover letter and your resume are the marketing tools for you. With these tools, you are going to sell your services to your employers. So, try to edit them this way. As well as you research the employer information, you should research your cover letter too.

Search for a job in your similar industry offered by American employers

Now the internet is an excellent source of various information for all the job seekers in the US. From here, you can get the information required to get a job in the USA for foreigners. Luckily, you can find a lot of employment searching websites like Indeed, Monster, etc., from anywhere in the world. Besides, you can open a LinkedIn account. Many employers can use your LinkedIn as your profile and resume when you apply online. You can be luckier if you see that an employer hired people from your country previously. Besides, you can get connected to the known people who are now in the US. They can help you to find out a company. Again, you can search for people on LinkedIn and send them messages for your job purpose.

If you have professional experience, try a recruiting agency.

You can contact private recruiters who are known as headhunters. Generally, they work to find the executive level and qualified employees and officers for the companies. So, if you are a well-experienced one in a professional role, you can easily find out related work through the recruiters. Try to avoid scam agencies and do not pay an upfront fee to them.

Follow up on the application you have submitted and attend the interview.

Most of the employers do not reply to the applications. So, you should keep your eyes on the applications and wait for a call. Make a schedule of the applications and follow up the calls and emails. Wait for two weeks to get any response. As you are a person from outside of the USA, an employer will take an online interview or call for you. Though it is an online interview, you should be dressed so that you are in a meeting room.

Besides, interview in a professional place where you can attend the interview without any interruption. Before the interview, you must research the company and note down some questions that you can ask your interviewer. The questions must be company based. If you are not a native speaker, you should do some rehearses for the interview. Moreover, you should discuss the relevant skills you have and also describe professional accomplishments.

5 Visa sponsorship jobs you need to know

If you want to go to the USA as a professional one or as an international student, you need to know how you can get sponsored for a USA visa. However, for foreigners, it is better to apply for specific jobs. Several websites are providing a lot of Visa sponsorship jobs for foreigners. I have made a list of 5 Visa sponsorship jobs to help you find a suitable position for you.

IT-related job

Now it is the era of science and technology. So, the demand and posts of IT-related jobs are increasing day by day. Suppose you are a skilled person of specific IT related sites such as web development, graphic design, Java, digital marketing, software. In that case, you can apply for those types of jobs as a foreigner to get visa sponsorship. If the company finds you as a perfect one, it can file a petition for your citizenship.

RN Visa Sponsorship

Many hospitals provide visa sponsorships for some health care professionals. If you are experienced in this sector, you can then apply for the sponsorship. This type of job is available on the most popular websites such as Indeed, Monster, Careerjet, etc. So, find out the similar posts that you want to apply for visa sponsorship. Then create a CV according to the job. Wait for some days, and the employers will knock you. After selection, they will file a petition for you.

Personal shopper

Many companies search for personal shoppers and give visa sponsorship in the USA. However, the person who is for helping the shops with advice and suggestions. Various departmental stores, boutiques hire personal shoppers. For this post, you need not higher education because most of the company wants retail experience rather than an educational degree. Personal shoppers are also known as sales assistants. Besides, someone can work as a personal shopper as a freelance job on a website such as eBay.

Click to know about How to get Personal Shopper job ?

Machine operator

Among the five visa sponsorship jobs, the machine operator is another good one. The duties include machine operation, packaging, forklift operation, quality verification, etc. Most of the companies want at least one year of experience in this field. A high-school diploma is enough as an educational qualification. Many types of machine operator jobs are available, such as food processing machine operator, production operator, formidable count operator, console operator, entry-level operator, etc.


Many medical care providers search for qualified dentists who can give the best dental care service. Many families search for associate dentists for their children as well as adults for affordable dental care. So, as a dentist, you can apply for this type of job to get visa sponsorship. You can search for this job on Indeed, LinkedIn, and some other re-known websites. The company will contact you after an interview. Then when you are selected, you will get a visa to start your job in the USA.

The USA is an excellent destination for immigrants in many countries to have a better life. But most of the people struggle much to get sponsorship. There are many jobs available in the USA for foreigners. I hope the above description will help you to get a job in the USA. Keep up your trial and be successful.

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  15. I’m students, and from Bangladesh …I want to apply for personal shopper ….So can I apply for this???i have 5 years experience in shop kepper..I have experience of caterpillar generator, Preventive maintenance trouble shooting, Commissioning with electrical and Mechanical work.

  16. Hello,sir.I’m student.Iam from Bangladesh.I leave in my family.I’m born in poor family.so,sir.kindly my apply receive.

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